Support Aggie’s Legacy

“We can join together, no matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs are, to save our Earth Mother and salvage our own existence. Since we’re all in this leaky canoe together, we need to be a united force that keeps on keeping on.”

Grandma Aggie wanted us all to be inspired by wisdom teachings such as this, and to take action to “spread it around.”

One good way to start is by reading or listening to her personal autobiography: Grandma Speaks: Wake Up World! The Wisdom, Wit, Advice, and Stories of “Grandma Aggie” (2015, Blackstone Audiobooks).

Wake Up World

For details call: 855-369-6768 or visit:

Here’s a testimonial: “Grandma Aggie tells the story of her life authentically and organically in genuine storytelling fashion, not reading from a script. She offers advice on how to live well and shows her determination to protect the environment. One feels as if Grandma Aggie is giving us stories that are vital to our future.”

Available in multiple formats: 6 hrs. on CDs ($18), digital download ($8.50), digital rental ($3), and paperback ($9).