New Legacy Projects

The generous volunteers and organizations described below are making plans and taking action to honor Agnes Baker Pilgrim and her legacy of Indigenous teachings and activism. Feel free to contact them to find out more and get involved.

Family Fundraising for Siletz Cemetery Headstone

Hello friends and faithful supporters of Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

To honor Grandmother Agnes, family members are working to make her headstone a fitting tribute to a beloved family member and great leader. This tribute is for one who worked tirelessly to spread the message of protecting Mother Earth. For almost 40 years, and up to the time of her passing-over at age 95, she taught everyone who would listen to help each other and to love one another more each day.

Her sacred body was buried on her beloved reservation in Siletz, Oregon in the tribal cemetery in December, 2019. The family has raised half of the funds to cover the cost of the headstone, the total of which is about $5200.

Any donation is appreciated and will be received on her behalf by Grandmother Agnes’ youngest daughter, Mona, using the Venmo account: @Ramona-Hudson

Blessings to you and thank you, from the family of Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

Upriver to Morning Indigenous Education Project

Upriver to Morning is Cultural, Environmental, Bilingual, and Educational project, including a book, audiobook, story theater script, songs, and comprehensive tools for teachers. Written by Tish McFadden, this engaging story dramatizes the teachings of Takelma elder and spiritual leader Agnes Baker Pilgrim. Upriver to Morning weaves inter-generational themes within the context of Salmon’s year-long journey, from the Pacific Ocean to the Rogue River’s source at Boundary Springs.

Upriver to Morning is set in southwest Oregon in the ancient homeland of the Takelma people. The story opens at sunset at the mouth of the Rogue River where Salmon is preparing for his long swim upriver to Boundary Springs, the home of Morning Star, and where all things begin. Not to be left behind on this adventure, and for their own motives, Coyote, Red-Tailed Hawk, Deer Woman, Jackrabbit, and Bear, one-by-one, join Salmon on his trek.

This project arose from conversations and stories passed down from Agnes Baker Pilgrim, Tish McFadden’s inspiration and collaborator. Throughout the development process, Tish beta tested her pioneering program at various grade levels and summer camps. She made presentations at retirement centers, libraries, historical societies, and public gatherings. Her original story and songs, interwoven with Grandma Aggie’s Indigenous teachings, received enthusiastic responses from all ages.

Tish McFadden is aiming for a Fall 2022 release date. She will begin offering pilot programs in Oregon, starting in the Rogue Valley and at Glendale Elementary School. There is strong interest from school teachers, reading specialists, parents, and educators, who have seen the curriculum content, participated in its development, or hosted Upriver to Morning storytelling sessions. See their responses at

Dragonfly Place Memorial at Cantrall Buckley Park

The Cultural Committee for the Applegate Watershed Council and Partnership is planning a series of projects to recognize the contributions of historical cultures in the Applegate Valley. Their first project is to create the Dragonfly Place Memorial, in honor of Agnes Baker Pilgrim, at Cantrall Buckley Park in Ruch, Oregon. To participate in the planning or be notified about upcoming events, contact: Janis Tipton, 541-846-7501.

Takelma Cultural Center

‏In honor of the late Charles Jackson, Sue Shaffer, and Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the Takelma Cultural Center provides nature-based education that revitalizes and adapts traditional Native American practices, to enhance the environmental, spiritual, emotional, and mental health of Native and non-native individuals and their communities.

‏Comprised of Tribal members, our group works with Native traditionalists and scholars to offer experience-based teaching curriculum (K-12) at Takelman cultural tours and workshops.  We teach traditional skills, including art making, basket weaving, flintknapping, story-telling, drumming, drum making, and gathering.

‏The Takelma Cultural Center, a nonprofit based in Tiller, Oregon, exists to offer learners a unique, Takelman experience. Visit for details.

School Dedications of Agnes Baker Pilgrim Murals

Sponsored by Grants Pass Middle School and Siletz Charter School
Contact: David West, 541-582-3254

Jackson WellSprings: “Grandmother Spring” Memorial at the Mother Pool

Gerry Lehrburger and the Board Members at Jackson WellSprings is honoring the legacy of Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim by renaming the source of their artesian waters after her. The Mother Pool is now called “Grandmother Spring.”

River rocks (5-10 pounds) are still needed for a rock wall and structure at “Grandmother Spring.” Drop off your sacred rock(s) at the Back Meadow Kiosk (any time).  For details contact: eve***@**  541-482-3776

Indigenous Worldview Can Preserve Our Existence

Short video showing that Grandma was not alone: – “We are all related.”

If you know of other legacy projects that should be listed here, please contact us and provide a description with contact info and/or website link.